Tree Pruning

Proper pruning promotes healthy structuraly sound growth and can also alleviate many safety concerns and hazardous situations.

Some trees, which have been well maintained or just have a naturally strong structure, may only need limited pruning every several years. unfortunately, there are some trees which, in order to be restored to full health and beauty, need to be carefully manicured over a veral year period.

Arborfolia, can schedule annual pruning, so as to maintain and/or restore the full structure of your trees and prevent pest related issues.

Crown cleaning

This type of pruning is often combined with thinning. While up in the tree, all dead, diseased and poorly attached branches are removed. As with all the the pruning methods, only clean cuts are left. This promotes proper healing and devotes more of the tree’s energy to new and productive growth.

Crown Thinning

The crown of the tree is the area starting from the lowest main branch reaching to the very top of the tree.

When thining the crown of the tree, selected branches are removed to promote light penetration and proper air circulation. Balance can also be restored, both visually and for weight distribution.

Crown Raising

Raising the crown involves removing certain lower limbs for clearance of buildings, windows, swimming pools or even for lawn mowing.

Crown Reduction

This type of pruning can be the most difficult. It involves reducing the trees overall size (WITHOUT TOPPING)!! The general principle is to reduce the trees by removing certain central limbs and by redirecting others. Both the height and girth of a tree can be reduced.