Deep Root Fertilization and Aeration

The best treatment you could give to your tree.

Forest Vs. Urban Soils

Forest soils are well aerated and mulched with organic debris. They are fertile, moist, cool… and Alive with beneficial organisms. Urban soils are compacted and contain low levels of oxygen and water. They are turfed, stripped of organic debris, and contain few nutrients. Important soil conditioning micro organisms can’t survive. It’s obvious why so many trees are unhealthy. Listen to What Your Trees are Saying to You. They will tell you if the existing soil conditions are low in nutrients, oxygen and water. Trees communicate their poor health through:

Symptoms of Poor Soil Conditions :

  • Slow growth
  • Decay
  • Excess deadwood
  • Disease problems
  • Pale foliage
  • Insect problems
  • Undeveloped foliage
  • Late leaf emergence in spring
  • Early fall coloration

At Arborfolia, we help to bring Life back to the soil.

The health and vigor of your woody plants is directly dependent upon the condition of the soil they are in. Our Deep Root Aeration and Fertilization treatments are designed to improve the soil in ways that increase the vitality of the root system, trunk, branches and leaves. The benefits of these treatments include:

  • An increase in health and vitality
  • Greater defenses against disease
  • A longer life
  • Increased insect resistance
  • Stronger cellular development
  • A better defense against decay
  • Larger leaves with a lush color

Nutrients mixed with water are injected into the root zone of your trees 4-6 inches deep in 2.5 foot square intervals. The high pressure of the injection forces passageways into the soil through which air/nitrogen and water can move.

Deep Root Fertilization – provides essential nutrients, with bacteria and soil conditioners. The addition of Mycorrhizal fungi, seaweed and organic soil conditioners work to bring your soil back to life.

Mycorrhizae – naturally-occurring fungi that live in association with roots and provide a living link between roots and soil. Roots with mycorrhizae have a greatly increased ability to gather water and nutrients. Undisturbed forest soils are loaded with these fungi but urban soils are often compacted subsoils that are low in fertility and deficient in both organic materials and beneficial micro-organisms

The addition of these micro-organisms can result in progressive gains in your trees growth and vigor.


This area of our services is currently under development. We are constantly looking at new products and application techniques.

What does tree fertilization involve?

When fertilizing any plant, one is adding nutrients, biostimulants into the soil, helping to promote and increase plant growth.

There are four application methods:

Soil Injection

Surface Application

Trunk Injection

Foliar Spray