Elm Vaccinations

Photos: Robert Galbraith, 2008, Phillipsburg, Qc. Jesse Bouchard-Nestor diagnosed this 280 years old elm tree with D.E.D.

How to fight the Dutch elm disease?

  • Checking trees for symptoms during the growing season
  • Immediate removal of infected parts ( when 10% or less of the canopy is infected)
  • Remove dead and diseased elm tree wood, also in firewood
  • Severing of root grafts between healthy and infected trees
  • Preventive vaccination with the Dutch Trig® product.

Dutch Trig® is a biological treatment used to prevent Dutch elm disease.


Arborfolia distributes Dutch Trig® and is certified to do the injections

Elm Inoculation 1The treatment is based on the process of optimizing the tree’s natural mechanisms capable of stopping Dutch elm disease (DED)  infection, called induced resistance. Dutch Trig® is injected in the trunk of the elm tree early in the spring after bud break with the Dutch  Trig® tree  inoculation tool.

The Dutch Trig® treatment provides protection against Dutch elm tree disease for the current year only. To ensure ongoing protection,  repeat application every year.

Dutch Trig® has no curative properties and will not cure trees that are already infected and is not efficacious against root graft infections.

Information source: Documents provided by Dutch Trig®