Tree Consultation

During construction roots and main trunks can be damaged, weakening the tree’s stability and possibly creating a hazard. Therefore, planning a new construction site it is vital to assess the trees which are going to remain and creating a plan of action for maintaining that valuable piece of the property.

At Arborfolia, our experienced professionals offer tree consultation on:

  • Building Location – Providing advice on locations which will have limited arboral impact
  • Planning Methods for Tree preservation – When location is not an option, the root zones can be identified and measures to minimize construction damage can be employed
  • Post-Construction Assessment – Once a building is in place, there may have been repairable damage done to some of the stand trees on the property, in which case a plan of action for restoring the tree’s health can be created and used. Or if the damage is too extensive and the tree is a hazard, then it can be removed. (See Precision tree removal)